ARE YOU READY? (live registration)

Are you ready to take your business and financial wellness to a new level?

This program provides the key elements to empower and guide those who are ready, to amp up their game and see positive results in a shorter period of time than might otherwise be possible without the information and tools I will be sharing.

Through your participation, you will learn to confidently create a vision and plan to generate more financial abundance and stability through use of practical techniques, easy-to-use worksheets and breathwork practices. By bringing together mind, body and soul methods, all elements of your being, and therefore all elements of your business, can be addressed and expanded.

  • Build a financial foundation that brings you peace of mind
  • Eliminate blocks and fears you have around money
  • Establish easy tracking systems for financial clarity
  • Create a strategy for reaching financial fulfillment
  • Receive expert support and guidance
  • Connect and mastermind with a community of peers
  1. Confident in your new financial mindset
  2. More ease in your relationship to money
  3. Deeply supported by your new connections and systems
  4. Empowered to take the next steps in your business

Fridays 10:30am PST starting October 2nd, 2020 (running 8 consecutive weeks)

  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • 2 Virtual Breathwork Journeys
  • 2 Private Financial Coaching Sessions


  • QuickBooks Online Setup or Review Current Setup ($250 value)
  • Personalized Money Blessing Gift
  • Bookkeeping Concierge – have our team of bookkeepers at your fingertips!
  • Private Financial Coaching or Breathwork Sessions

This is so valuable!

Thank you for all that you are offering!! This is so valuable, important, needed, and helpful. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of this!!

Highly recommend it!

Building Financial Mastery is a safe, sacred program in which you can begin not only retelling your money story from lack to abundance, but also learn tangible tools and receive support to build the necessary systems to actually receive, grow, and take care of your money! Carolyn is so knowledgeable and is a beautiful, supportive presence who never makes you feel bad about not knowing or not doing something. It is so safe and encouraging. I highly recommend it!

I want to emulate your easy knowledge of financial matters!

I’ve been procrastinating on money tracking for years, and now have the support and motivation to do it while building a business with a partner. I love and want to emulate your easy knowledge of financial matters. You have a calm style that helps tension around money disappear and allow confidence to grow.

Incredible value!

Carolyn does an incredible job of blending time needed to process our emotional attachment to money and our process through the course, and the concrete steps that we can take to make our money manageable. The breath work just took everything that much deeper. I’m so much clearer about what I need to focus my attention and energy on to shift my money mindset and take the steps necessary to focus more mindfully on my money so that I can get comfortable with it, learn to love it and make much more of it. Incredible value!

An essential course for all female entrepreneurs!

Carolyn’s Building Financial Mastery is an essential course to take for all female entrepreneurs, especially for those who don’t yet have a system of money management. It’s digestible and not overwhelming. Carolyn lays out the basics of understanding your money to put you at more ease with your business. She unveils the truth in a straightforward and empowering way!